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3rd Aberystwyth Bioinformatics Workshop – Wednesday 20th January 2016

After the Aberystwyth Bioinformatics Workshop that we held in June, a few people suggested that it would be good to run such a thing twice a year. The plan is that it will be an informal event, with tea and coffee provided, discussing anything involving computers and biology – the scope is broad and can include image processing or mathematical/statistical modelling as well as the more classic NGS analyses.

Talks will range in length from lightning 5-10 minute talks to a few longer ones of 30 minutes or so. They do not have to be polished summaries of finished results, talks about work in progress are also very interesting. The basic idea is just to see what is going on, and who is working on what. It would be great to have some shorter talks from some of the newer PhD students.

Room 0.33/0.31 in IBERS New Building is booked for all-day Wednesday the 20th January. All departments are very welcome to participate.

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