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HPC Introduction Session – Thursday 11th of February

We are running a HPC Introduction Session on Thursday 11th of February at 10.30 am – 12 noon at MP-112 in Physics department.

This introduction to HPC session aims to provide users with the theory and practical information to submit your compute jobs to the IBERS-HPC.

Over the course of the one and a half hours you will learn the concepts of the scheduling system, what resources are available, how to monitor your running jobs and the best practice techniques to ensure your jobs complete on system with many active users.

If you wish to attend it is essential that you let us know in advance to active an account and you should have some experience using the GNU/Linux command-line, such as attendance on the Introduction to command-line Linux course.

You can send an email to Vasileios vpl@aber.ac.uk or Martin mjv08@aber.ac.uk to book a place.

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